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The F Word

  • Ginn Fourie & Letlapa Mphahlele
    Drawing together voices from South Africa, Romania, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, Northern Ireland and England, “The F Word – Images of Forgiveness” explores and celebrates the stories of people who have survived tragedy, lived through atrocity and who have found it in themselves to forgive. The visionary behind this is Marina Cantacuzino, a British journalist who founded The Forgiveness Project as a brave new initiative in the fields of conflict resolution and victim support. The project saw her set out on a quest to find people who had emerged from an atrocity without hatred and bitterness.

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17 February 2009


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Mandy de Waal

@jacki janse van rensburg: Hi Jacki - the first step is always the most difficult. It requires a lot of courage, but just do it. It is a matter of knocking on doors, not fearing rejection or failure. Just keep on knocking until the right door opens.

jacki janse van rensburg

lately i have been thinking about writing freelance for whoever will have me. but the voices in my head laugh at this, telling me i'm not good enough.

you have made me think about it some more. all i need is that first step...

Mandy de Waal

@Ramonez. Thanks so much. Deeply appreciated.

@Gino. For me this has been a great lesson in how following one's bliss moves seen and unseen forces to conspire to help you. The learning continues... :)

Gino Cosme

Mandy, you're doing some great stuff; just goes to show you that following ones passions does pay off in more than one way. Continued growth and stregnth!


And you've done an excellent job, Mandy.

Mandy de Waal

Aw.... Zeph. You rock babe. Big big big time! :)


Congrats Mandy. It's been quite a year for you.

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