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Tuesday, 27 May 2008



@Mandy - no no, tis i who is pleased to meet you. honoured in fact. xx

Mandy de Waal

@tobymarx: Aw... Emily. There can only be one Emily. And yes, tonight I feel deeply the need for a pause from the madness. Some refuge. A place to hide that safe, and warm and where I will feel held.

@Parenthesis: Thank you. I love Dickinson's thought about hope being so soft.

@nursemyra: Thanks.

@daisyfae: I know exactly what you mean. My son's thirteen. I don't think I will ever stop watching him sleep.

@kyknoord: Hahaha. Oh my word. You are just so absolutely deliciously funny.

@Dolce: Things have been so hard of late. So so hard. I reckon we all need respite.

@Cath: I am so please to have met you. You of the beautiful random thoughts from underneath the table. And thank you!

@morti: You are so right. There are times like this that I feel you know me so well. Like perhaps we were once joined at the hip. Two old hags. Two old crones in another life. Another journey. Because it is in writing like this that often I find myself. I find so much of what I have lost.


i remember this thing of tender beauty.

i think of my ass-over-marbles cheerleader - who leopard crawls up onto my bed in the early hours - and how i wake to her black eyes watching me; her cold little hand on my cheek.

i think its in work like this that we may really 'find you' mands... because while pretty much everything you write has flair and depth - these gentle journeys are undoubtedly the ones you experience and speak of best.



Mandy! this is so beautiful.

This means more to me than I can elucidate - for me, it sums up how I feel about my daughter, and how i know my dad felt about me - we had a special relationship and communication 'speak' that actually continues beyond his death (too soon for me, but he was okay with it, as he said) that revolved around feathers.

So this touched me in a way I cannot tell you.

Thank you for it.



Aw. Mands. This is so soft and so beautiful. Just what I needed on this hard and cold day.


Aw. Mands. This is so soft and so beautiful. Just what I needed on this hard and cold day.


That explains the tickling just behind my sinus cavity.


although they are 19 and 21, i still like to watch them sleep. i'm often afraid they'll wake up, and it will freak them the fuck out. but i can't help it...




A truly lovely post Mandy. It brings to mind the elusive "Jenny" feather in Forrest Gump. Love does give us wings, so why not feathers?


And thus, you have placed a much-needed comma in your story, Mandy, a beautiful respite from the world's strife.

Thank you.

I would add that, for me, your words rival those of Emily in sheer inspiration.

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