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The F Word

  • Ginn Fourie & Letlapa Mphahlele
    Drawing together voices from South Africa, Romania, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, Northern Ireland and England, “The F Word – Images of Forgiveness” explores and celebrates the stories of people who have survived tragedy, lived through atrocity and who have found it in themselves to forgive. The visionary behind this is Marina Cantacuzino, a British journalist who founded The Forgiveness Project as a brave new initiative in the fields of conflict resolution and victim support. The project saw her set out on a quest to find people who had emerged from an atrocity without hatred and bitterness.

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23 February 2010


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Mandy de Waal

Thanks Darren and Heather. Although I doubt de Klerk could help, neither would moral codes. Until JZ declares his fortunes and Malema pays his taxes the responsibility crisis will continue, unabated.


This is merely a continuation of the Truth and Reconciliation process where corrupt white politicians, their snitches and cronies literally got away with mass murder, as long as they confessed in time. The final democratic process may have been bloodless, but it's going to cost us all a lot in lucre and international credibility. Maybe it's time for political parties to publish party moral codes complete with punishments and enforce them! Great article!


Very key point which our leadership fails to address [does JZ's speech about the 20 kids qualify?].

And as you point out, it can only be achieved once leaders are ready to be held accountable. Will we ever reach that point though. As with all human beings, self-interest is the primary motivator and if life is comfortable, why change.

Perhaps we can ask FW de Klerk. He might be able to shed some light on how to make the necessary changes since he effectively made a decision that took accountability for a whole gerenation of politicians.

Good article Mandy.

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