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Friday, 02 May 2008


Mandy de Waal

@tobymarx: Thanks so much for your visit and comment. Really appreciated.

@Eileen: Our stories live and walk in the people we love. And then when those stories begin to die while the people we love live on it is devastating. Thank you for sharing such tender memories.


I can believe it is fact. My grandmother died of Alzheimer's, or more properly, with it. I watched the whole thing go down. How at first in the nursing home she remembered me, and then she didn't remember me, but would ask about my two little black dogs. When she quit asking about the little black dogs, I knew she was not there anymore.


What a beautiful, deeply touching story. Your
writing is compelling and wonderfully transparent, Mandy. Thank you for this.

Mandy de Waal

@Morts. Thanks babe. Coming from you high praise and I am grateful for your visits and comments. I don't have a nan anymore so miss that. Just picking up the phone or having that ability to connect.

@daisyfae. Thanks. I am a big fan of yours, so this means a lot. Ja and the things you never thought you'd do, and what they mean long after.

@gautami tripathy: Welcome and thanks for the visit and comment.

gautami tripathy

Very engrossing post!


good fiction finds resonance - and this one did. snippets of memories with my father... i never thought i'd be the one assisting him with his undergarments when he ws in the hospital, but i did... fighting to the end to preserve his dignity and comfort...

this is beautiful. thank you...


damn woman... you can WRITE.

you slam dunked me mentally into a booth at the old market cafe - PC+G... and a soda float with my nan, and getting to keep the extra mini milk container from her tea... then up the high street to the woolworths pick+mix counter for takeaway 'dessert'.
the very best memory for a sunday morning.

i can read your tales over and over again - and find something new to take from them each time.

this time... i'm going to grab a cuppa and phone my nan.

Mandy de Waal

@paisley: Thanks so much. It is mostly fiction, sort of knitted together from memories of my father and grandfather. But most of the fabric is fiction.

@Robin. Thanks so much. Really appreciated.


A beautiful, poignant, painfully accurate description of what it is like to lose a loved one one piece at a time.


this was really wonderful... i am unsure if it is fact or fiction,, but either way,, the way you wrote is was purely compelling....

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